Why an Upward Price Trajectory is in Play for Gold

Why an Upward Price Trajectory is in Play for Gold

Also global investors are presently not having the strengthening political uncertainty funny, thereby increasing their buying pressure on the safe-haven asset coupled with the falling U.S dollar specifically helping global investors get a good price bargain for precious metals for wealth preservation and hedge against inflation.

The drop in the value of the greenback is also triggering gold traders to make bold long bets, amid an expected rise in quantitative easing under a Joe Biden Presidency coupled with the bias that the U.S Federal Reserve has showed it support on keeping interest rates low for a long period of time.

Gold prices are now going upward on the bias that U.S Treasury yields, specifically those on the far end of the maturity curve, dropped.

Gold bulls are having the bandwagon wheel drive now on reports suggesting a lead for Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden, as recent results seen on some U.S […]

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