Top 10 List For Gold/Silver Miners

Top 10 List For Gold/Silver Miners

Below is the current Top 10 list in the GSD Newsletter. The lowest upside rating is a 2, which is an expected 300% return at higher gold/silver prices. So, all of the stocks on this list are expected to have high returns.

Some of them have higher risks than others, but overall, they tend to have very solid risk-reward profiles. The majority of companies are in good locations, although there is significant production in Mexico and one stock in West Africa, also some exposure in South America.

Not all of them have pristine balance sheets, which is reflected in their high-risk rating. So, if gold/silver prices drop significantly, these stocks could fall rapidly in valuation.

What makes this list strong is the quality of their properties/projects, along with valuations that are leveraged for higher gold/silver prices. All of these stocks should do well in a rising precious metals bull market. I will […]

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