Oil Stocks vs. Nuclear Stocks: Which Is Better?

Oil Stocks vs. Nuclear Stocks: Which Is Better?

When it comes to energy, oil and nuclear are the two main options investors have to choose from. Oil is the well-known commodity used to power cars and manufacture plastics; nuclear is a green energy source that powers electric grids. Technically, nuclear energy is part of the utilities sector — not energy per se. But with the rise of the electric car, those two sectors are looking more and more similar.

Oil and gas stocks have stood the test of time. With +100 years of steady if volatile gains, they’ve enriched many investors. Nuclear stocks, however, stand to benefit more from up-and-coming trends in energy consumption. In this article, I’ll explore oil stocks and nuclear stocks, so you can decide which is right for you. The case for oil

Compared to uranium mining stocks, oil stocks are generally less speculative. Their earnings vary considerably with oil prices, but not as […]

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