Why The Gold Rally Will Continue

Why The Gold Rally Will Continue


While investors may be tempted to exit gold holdings due to the past 3 months of performance, I believe it’s actually a good time to buy.

Gold momentum is positive and strongly suggestive of future price rallies in the commodity going forward.

The VIX has remained elevated for a few months straight – a condition often associated with future rallies in gold.Over the past year, it’s been a fairly turbulent ride for gold traders with the price of the commodity witnessing sizable volatility. In my opinion, it is a very strong time to buy gold. I believe that several key fundamentals are giving strong buy recommendations at this point and in this piece, I present a few strategies for managing gold positions. Put simply, the odds are in the favor of the gold bulls. Gold Markets One of the most interesting relationships I’ve discovered as I’ve examined the gold markets is […]

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