The Quarterly Cycles Of Gold In 2020

The Quarterly Cycles Of Gold In 2020


Performance of gold is encouraging for the past two weeks after a two-month slide.

If gold ascends, miners will follow eventually.

The target gold price remains at $2,200 per oz by year end. Introduction This article serves as an update of the last one that emphasizes the importance of gold in times of turmoil.The winds are really blowing favorably for gold. Being a small and passive asset class, the price of gold is hinged on the weakness of the Fiat system of currencies, bonds, and stocks. The table below is an update of many concerning global factors that can boost gold. Anxiety is filling the air with the third wave of the pandemic. With the stimulus plan off for the next few weeks, risk-off assets such as cash and gold are in favor. Perpetual Profit Portfolio The purpose of creating the Perpetual Profit Portfolio is to assist the selection […]

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