Gold will be a winner no matter who clinches the U.S. election, investor says

Regardless of who wins the U.S. elections this week, the gold market is set to benefit, particularly gold miners, James Rasteh from Coast Capital said.

That’s because the United States will likely adopt a sizeable fiscal stimulus program.

Spot gold rallied above $2,000 in August before pulling back to trade around the $1,900 level in recent weeks.

Gold and gold miners are set to benefit no matter who wins the U.S. election this week, one investor told CNBC. That’s because the United States will likely to adopt a sizeable fiscal stimulus program no matter which candidate wins the presidency, James Rasteh, CIO of Coast Capital, told CNBC’s " Squawk Box Asia " on Tuesday."We would be printing trillions of dollars more and all of that ultimately has extraordinarily positive repercussions for gold," he said."The fiscal and monetary policies would be almost identical under either leadership. I think that […]

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