Platinum and uranium are important raw materials in the energy sector

Platinum and uranium are important raw materials in the energy sector

Energy is the topic of the moment. Uranium is used to generate energy and platinum is used in fuel cells. Receive up-to-date information about the company directly via push notification

Now that uranium has been declared sustainable and uranium is back in the spotlight in the face of looming energy shortages, investors should not disregard this raw material. In the case of electric mobility with power supply, uranium is important as a feedstock for nuclear power plants. This is because worldwide electricity generation is likely to continue to be powered to a certain extent by nuclear energy for a long time to come. When it comes to climate change, nuclear energy scores highly, and the fact that it has regained its reputation can also be seen from the way the price of uranium has developed in recent times. Platinum is not important on the production side, but more in […]

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