Gold, oil and silver price forecast – All eyes turn to November's US Presidential election [Video]

Gold, oil and silver price forecast – All eyes turn to November’s US Presidential election [Video]

The most highly anticipated trading month of the year is finally here…

November will not only see the biggest trading event of the year – the U.S Presidential Election, but also the Federal Reserve and Bank of England’s latest interest rate decisions alongside U.S Non-Farm Payroll data as well as new wave of major global lockdowns across UK, Europe and the U.S.

On Tuesday, U.S voters will head to the polls in what is expected to be ‘the most controversial U.S Presidential Election’ ever in history.

According to polling data, there are growing expectations of a blue wave in Washington with the Democrats taking control of Congress and the White House, however memories of 2016 continue to loom large on the horizon, so at this point, anything is still possible.Enviably, there will be huge volatility in the lead up to the election on Monday and Tuesday, which will setup […]

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