Gold Miners Are Primed for a Triple-Digit Rally

Gold Miners Are Primed for a Triple-Digit Rally

Normally, gold mining is a tough business…

First, you’ve got to find a deposit. Then you have to build a mine – something that’s labor- and capital-intensive. Then you’ve got to run the whole project to get the metal out of the ground.

After all that work, you get to sell the gold. But you don’t get to decide the price of your product. The market sets it, so you’re a "price taker."

If gold prices fall, tough luck. You get what you get.So the business involves lots of fixed costs, combined with a variable sales price. For investors, that means one thing: Gold miners give you massive amounts of leverage to the price of gold…Yesterday, I explained why gold prices could soar dramatically from here. And given that backdrop, it means gold miners could easily soar triple digits.Let me explain…When gold prices fall, gold miners can become worthless fast. But when […]

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