Gold Bulls In Strong Position To Benefit...Eventually

Gold Bulls In Strong Position To Benefit…Eventually

The precious metals sector has been in a pullback for the last three months. Even though prices have not marked new lows in the last eight weeks, the trend-less sideways consolidation has certainly created a lot of stress, pain and question marks especially amongst the many new and unexperienced investors in the sector. After all, gold should have exploded thanks to money printing and the uncertain US election. However, if you follow us at Midas Touch Consulting for a while you are well aware that we have been very vocally warning of a correction in gold in early august. So far, this has played out textbook style and our call for patience was spot on. Gold – A few more weeks of patience. Review

Since the new all-time high, which the spot gold price reached on August 7th at US$ 2,075, the precious metals sector is in a […]

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