Election 2020: Gold the Real Winner

Red or blue, you know what wins…

CEO and chief investment officer of US Global Investors, Frank Holmes says it doesn’t matter if the US sees a Red victory or a Blue victory in the presidential election, says Streetwise Reports, publishers of The Gold Report .

In this far-ranging interview with Streetwise Reports, Holmes discusses gold’s prospects post-election, inflation, stock market performance, and criteria to evaluate mining companies.

Streetwise Reports: Frank, let’s begin with gold. After a substantial rise in the price of the metal earlier this year, which went as high as $2,036 an ounce in early August, it has since been trading sideways, consolidating roughly around the $1,900 mark. What effect do you think the US presidential election will have on the price of gold? Do you see different scenarios based on which candidate wins?Frank Holmes: Well, you can hit the red button or the blue button, […]

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