Does the election effect gold, silver and platinum?

Does the election effect gold, silver and platinum?

Today is Election Day in the United States and voter turnout is expected to be record-setting. The big question: will the results of the Presidential Election affect the price of metals? The simple answer is No.

Markets have already picked their winner based on the price action and expectations. Gold , silver and platinum have been in downtrends for months as the markets were debating the next president. Over the past few days, President Trump has made dramatic strides; markets are now predicting a solid win for the incumbent.

Through all the rhetoric and smears, the markets are clearly saying the winner will be Trump. Through all the voting process, the metals have remained in a downtrend that has not changed. However, the opinions of the election have. Despite the recent rally in metals, the trend remains lower, we remain short and nothing has changed other than some of the news […]

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