Denison Mines Reminds You to Keep Your Eyes Up Here

Denison Mines Reminds You to Keep Your Eyes Up Here

When you open a forum to review retail investor sentiment toward a publicly traded company and you are instead bombarded with questionable gifs of the female anatomy, you know something isn’t quite right. Well, that’s the experience behind uranium specialist Denison Mines (NYSEAMERICAN: DNN ) stock and its StockTwits profile. I’m not entirely sure what mammary glands have to do with DNN stock, but it poses a problem.

No, I’m not a prude – although I will say that it’s a basic courtesy to let people know about “NSFW” content ahead of time, geez! Some of us would like to stay married. Anyways, the issue with DNN stock is the guilt-by-association phenomenon that is surely brewing by now. When the only reason people are buying Denison shares is hormonal, that’s not a great advertisement for the investment thesis.

I’ll admit that I’m not entirely sure what the definition of a meme […]

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