A Golden Election Promise

A Golden Election Promise


If volatility rises markets could sell off, making gold collateral damage in the near term.

The global addiction to easy money supports much higher gold prices.

Election promises abound, but gold is the one you can count on.There’s no shortage of prognostications or conjecture about the U.S. election.Of course, everyone has an opinion.Some like red, some like blue, some like neither.Last week’s volatility in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities is a clear signal that markets are uneasy. They hate uncertainty.If the election’s outcome is less than clear, then volatility will be around for a while, and probably even intensify.A lot of the forecasting is about what will happen to gold. One thing I know for sure is, no matter who takes election victory, gold will come out of it the biggest winner.In the meantime, we’re likely to hear a lot of noise.I suggest you ignore most of it, and focus on […]

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