Why is gold is falling along with the dollar?

Why is gold is falling along with the dollar?

For the third consecutive day, gold futures have closed lower. Today gold opened at $1872.00, and as of 5:00 PM, EST is currently fixed at $1864.70 after factoring in today’s net decline of $9.20 (-0.49%).

Although the cumulative losses over the last three days equal only about $23.50, each day when compared to the prior day resulted in a lower high, and a lower low. Today’s low came in at approximately $1850 which closely matches the low achieved on Monday, November 9th, when market forces took the precious yellow metal roughly $100 lower. Concurrently the U.S. dollar has declined in value for the last six consecutive days. It fell from 92.95 a week ago on Thursday, November 12, and is currently fixed at 92.225. Over the last five trading days, the dollar has lost almost .75%.

It is a well-established fact that dollar weakness provides a tailwind that will usually move […]

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