Uranium price again with opportunities

Uranium price again with opportunities

Since 2012, the uranium price has not reached the level of US$50 per pound. The quotation even plunged to 18 US dollars. It is no wonder that moping was the order of the day and even the leading producers of this energy source put capacities and production on hold. In the meantime, however, the uranium price has not only stabilized, but also managed to climb out of its valley. Nevertheless, a price of around 30 dollars is still far from sufficient to unfreeze the frozen capacities of the producers.

Even industry giants like Cameco need a significantly higher price to expand their production again. 50 US dollars per pound is more likely to be the lower limit for the price. No wonder that the voices of analysts are getting louder, who are attributing upward potential to the uranium price. After all, demand is increasing from the ranks of electricity suppliers […]

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