The Monetary Logic For Gold And Silver

The Monetary Logic For Gold And Silver


Equity markets rallied strongly ignoring rapidly deteriorating fundamentals, and gold slumped on a minor recovery in the dollar’s trade weighted index.

It is a common misconception among monetarists that the relationship between the quantity of money and its purchasing power is the only determinant of the relationship.

It is impossible to forecast when the collapse of the fiat currency will happen, other than to note the factors involved.A considered reflection of current events leads to only one conclusion, and that is accelerating inflation of the dollar’s money supply is firmly on the path to destroying the dollar’s purchasing power – completely.This article looks at the theoretical and empirical evidence from previous fiat money collapses in order to impart the knowledge necessary for individuals to seek early protection from an annihilation of fiat currencies. It assesses the likely speed of the collapse of fiat money and debates the future of money in […]

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