Pet Rock Investing, Or Gold vs Stocks Once More, With Feeling

Pet Rock Investing, Or Gold vs Stocks Once More, With Feeling

Told you once, told you 98% of the time…

ROLL BACK to Tuesday, 4th May 1999, says Adrian Ash at BullionVault.

The US stock market has risen 10-fold over the previous 2 decades…

…and stocks now keep setting fresh all-time highs as the "information super highway" sees investors large and small bet big on anything with "dot com" in its name or prospectus.Gold in contrast is flirting with fresh 2-decade lows, losing two-thirds of its US Dollar value from the inflation-crisis top at $850 per ounce of January 1980.So asks the headline on columnist Floyd Norris’ view of the metal as central banks across the world sell off ever-more of their bullion reserves."The process of removing the glitter from gold has been a gradual but inexorable one," Norris writes."Gold’s reputation as a store of value has eroded…Much of the world is now quite happy to accept the idea that […]

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