How to trade gold during the US election [Video]

How to trade gold during the US election [Video]

The countdown has begun for what is expected to be ‘the most controversial U.S Presidential election’ ever in history.

With only six days to go, U.S President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are now down to the final full week of campaigning before the November 3rd election.

Traders everywhere are preparing for the contingency of a contested result in the most crucial election in generations.

U.S President Donald Trump has been furiously sowing distrust of the legitimacy of the electoral process and especially of postal votes, calling this “the most corrupt Election in American History”.Given that more Democrat than Republican voters are requesting mail in ballots, it is quite possible that Mr Trump could be leading on the night and then Mr Biden moves ahead as postal votes are counted. That “blue shift” scenario could mean days and even weeks of furious disputes, from polling stations, through county, city […]

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