Gold Stocks' Winter Rally 5

Gold Stocks’ Winter Rally 5


Gold stocks are just entering their seasonally-strongest period of the year. Their big winter rally is fueled by gold’s own, which is driven by outsized demand from holiday jewelry buying.

Later new-year investment buying kicks in. So both the metal and its miners’ stocks have strong tendencies to rally between late October to late February in bull-market years.

This year’s winter rally has great upside potential after these gold and gold-stock corrections run their courses. The gold miners’ fundamentals remain powerfully-bullish, with earnings soaring on higher gold prices.The gold miners’ stocks have mostly been correcting in recent months, after blasting higher with gold last summer. While this necessary and healthy selloff to rebalance sentiment likely isn’t over yet, this sector is entering its strongest seasonal rally of the year. That portends big gains in coming months as the next bull-market uplegs in gold and its miners’ stocks get underway. These seasonal […]

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