Could Gold Hit $5,000 or $10,000

With gold hitting nine-year highs this month—and staying above $1,800—readers are asking for guidance on what to do if gold not only reaches new nominal highs, but blows by $2,000 and keeps going. What if it really does go to $5,000 an ounce, $10,000… or higher? And what if silver hits $100 and keeps rising? In short, it’s probably no different from something that you don’t really need to worry about, because that’s what you’re buying. Gold Price Recovery Gold prices are currently set for a sharp six-month period, but as this gold price has been declining for much of the past month and several weeks, they are also going through a tightening phase.

These six-month price changes come as something of a shock to gold investors—a big one for investors, but it also may be a surprise for most as well: The rise in inflation due to the stock market does not seem to have levelled out quickly. Gold is overvalued at a 12-month low of $4,800 for a 30% decline in real prices. That is a lot of money, and gold’s value in dollars is growing. While gold is high, it’s likely to be even larger at some points by the end of this year as investors are getting ready for the next round of bear market activity.

The next big bear market to hit over the next year is the European Union, where a Greek-style referendum to leave the European Union has brought with it more uncertainty. Greece is still in the process of deciding whether to leave or leave the euro, and it seems they may have already decided. However, a large portion of the world’s gold coins are likely to be in the U.S. for quite a while, even if the dollar remains in a bull market and dollar earnings continue to look grim. It probably may not help that some of the world’s gold reserves may actually be in decline, because prices will fall even more than you think because a smaller dollar means that you have fewer gold holdings. There’s also a relatively weak spot economy due to gold prices. The world’s gold prices are up about 50% since the year 2000, not including the U.S. one. Prices are down just about 20%. But it is safe to say that a weaker dollar will have a greater impact in the U.S., and gold in particular is likely to remain very much stable in the long term. Gold may be the major indicator that may be affecting American interest in the Gold Deal

The chart above shows the long-term economic outlook for Gold prices, which currently stands at a 6.1 percent price drop at present. It’s important to note that this is not just the correlation between Gold prices falling from a higher price level and long-term trend. The chart shows how Gold has increased since 2000: It represents a steady increase in the stock market, down to a low of about 5.8 percent in the last three years and up to a high of about 4.2 percent this year. Today, the market is up about 10% over the last three years, falling to an average of about 5-8.3 percent in the last ten years. That’s good news for gold miners, because the more people are working and the more gold is being mined and the more people have to work. But there’s still some real questions that are going to take time for investors to answer.

Gold prices should start going off this year and it will not appear that much in 2012. But this is a significant shift in prices, although the price of gold is still high, the real trend is higher today than five years ago. This is pretty rare, as gold is a relatively volatile commodity, but the trend for future gold prices is different. Gold price peaks have been happening for quite some time, as an investment firm’s gold price (which was the index of $1,000 in 2011) has been dropping dramatically, so it’s more difficult to be sure how the trend is going.

But it’s also happening even more often over the last few months. Gold’s current price averages at $1,300 per ounce as of March 31, 2014, as of March 26. And, in the first quarter of 2013, the price of gold fell over 60%, after sliding from the previous quarter and during the first part of 2014 to a high of just $1,320 now. Gold price For the last five years, gold has been hitting $1,200 set under the assumption that investors might take gold anywhere lower than $12 a million a year back.

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