Climate Change Is Boosting Nuclear Power. Where Uranium Fits In.

Climate Change Is Boosting Nuclear Power. Where Uranium Fits In.

Nuclear power plant Over 10 years ago, a disaster in Japan cast a shadow on the future for nuclear energy and the uranium used to fuel it. But global efforts to reduce carbon emissions have revived interest in the power source.

“There are only a few options to produce electricity without releasing CO2,” and these include nuclear, says Jonathan Hinze, president at nuclear-fuel consultancy UxC. It is “almost impossible” to see how decarbonization can be achieved without inclusion of nuclear power, he says.

A major earthquake in March 2011 generated a tsunami that disabled the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, leading to the worst nuclear disaster in a quarter century .

“After Fukushima,some believed the industry would go into a free fall, with many existing reactors closing and no new reactors built,” says Hinze. But nuclear power generation recovered to pre-Fukushima levels around 2019.Nuclear energy has moved back into the spotlight, with […]

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