BBB Tip: Selling your gold pieces

BBB Tip: Selling your gold pieces

(KVOA) – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) said that many people think selling gold is a common way to bring in quick cash but figuring out the right time to sell gold can be both a personal and financial decision. Regardless of your motivation, there are several factors the BBB recommended people consider when looking to sell gold pieces. Choose items wisely. Don’t be in a rush to sell. After picking out your potential items, wait a few days to re-evaluate your decision. Selling items that are mismatched, have broken pieces, or outdated items are a great start. Also, consider items that have no/low emotional attachment.

Know your items. It is rare to have items made of 24-karat gold, the maximum karat reading, as it too soft for use in most jewelry. In the U.S., most jewelry is either 10-, 14- or 18-karat gold. Jewelry stamped with a “GP” […]

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